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A.R. Decorations can take care of all of your interior decoration projects. Whether it is curtains, upholstery or other sewing services our flexible team of qualified professionals can provide you with unique, high quality results that will enhance your living environment.

As the satisfaction of our customers is of great importance to us we always try to offer the best possible quality for the price. All the tailoring takes place at our workshop.

  • We offer personalized advice, measuring everything at your place.
  • We can create curtains, shades, Japanese panels etc.
  • Upholstery Services
  • Other sewing projects (cushions, tablecloths, revamping etc.)
  • Installation, mounting and adding the finishing touch to your interior decoration.
  • Free Quotation

Moreover, with our after-sales services we can maintain the good state of your items – e.g.:washing and taking care of your curtains.